Tuesday 4 May 2010

DIY, Shopping, Boot Sales and some Basing

It has been a busy bank holiday weekend and no mistake. the various small scale DIY jobs needed to finish the three rooms off were all completed, a couple of shopping trips were fitted in, a boot sale and some (at last) painting was tackled.

On the painting front I was able to get all the War at Sea bases to the 'waves and labels' stage so the next few days will see these new additions joining their respective fleets. This was not difficult - I don't go in for textured sea bases - but is fairly time consuming all the same. I should have these finished in the next couple of days or so and a photo shoot will follow.

On the boot sale front and managed to acquire three items - a copy of the board game Othello - I wanted a full size version of this game as the counters are really useful as damage markers for my various naval games as they white on one side and black on the other. The game board is an 8 x 8 grid in green with 1" squares - these have a raised edge around each square in order to stop the counters moving. The squares will happily take a 20mm square base and so I found myself thinking about using this board for a kind of mini 2mm scale Morschauser set up. I have a selection of 2mm armies to do and so this is one to ponder for the future methinks.

On the book front I picked hardback copies of 'Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee' by Dee Brown. I have read this book many times and it serves as a useful corrective to the version of the Wild West usually portrayed in most Hollywood films - 'Dances With Wolves' not withstanding. I also picked up a copy of 'A People's Tragedy - The Russian Revolution 1891 to 1924'. As I am studying this period as part of my A Level History it is a useful acquisition - from a gaming perspective it also covers the Russian Civil War which is a period I am sadly unfamiliar with and so this will address that shortfall.

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