Saturday 28 August 2010

Robot Wars on the Cheap

The picture above is of the robots available in plastic from EM4 Miniatures manufactured in hard plastic and easily suitable for scales from 6mm to 28mm. These are priced at a mere £2.50 for 5 models (one of each) and you are able to customise the weapons fit which is useful. From a gaming perpsective I have always enjoyed battles between these giant robots or 'Mechs and there are many sets of rules available covering this genre. As a small diversion I intend painting up some of these (I only have 10 so it should not take too long!) for a club night knockabout type of game - possibly making use of the Heroscape terrain I have.
As far as the paint job is concerned I am thinking about some nice camouflague schemes for the two sides and also making use of some of the many sets of waterslide transfers I have tucked away. EM4 are well worth a look for odss and ends and you can also get the plastic versions of the space fighter types from the sadly out of print boardgame - Silent Death.

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