Friday 31 December 2010

'I Saw Three Ships come Sailing by....'

Somewhat behind schedule I know but above is the picture of the first three side wheel paddle steamers for my ACW naval scratch build project. They measure a shade over 2 inches in length and as usual have a balsa wood hull, craft stick superstructure and paddle boxes and plastic fittings - the forward hatch, the pilot house and the funnels. The design is a very common river type of paddle steamer used by both sides and the next batch will follow the same general layout but will have more in the way of armour protection - the 'tinclads'. I cheated with the paddle boxes as the outside panel is merely the top of a craft stack used as a former to shape the balsa wood behind. These models had also been prepared over ten days ago and it was only today that I was able to sit down to stick them together. I really need to start painting this little lot as with the other models I have ready I now have a dozen constructed.

Many thanks to all for the good wishes over the household plague which is finally showing signs of clearing up although SWMBO has spent most of the day in bed - as has my daughter whilst I have very gingerly and with no great enthusiasm kept the place ticking over. I feel pretty grim with the throat and feverishness but was determined to end the year with something positive to report!

Mention of the year end gives me the opportunity once again to thank everybody that has commented on my posts or even just dropped by for a browse - I have found that the encouragement I have received and the ideas that have spawned as a result have served to greatly enrich my enjoyment of our hobby and so I hope that in 2011 I can continue to provide posts that invite such comments - a kind of wargaming perpetual motion.

To one and all then - have a very happy, peaceful, prosperous and safe 2011.


SteelonSand said...

Great to see you ended the year on a high note - those are the business - I'm really looking forward to see this project develop in the new year - 'bout time you put some paint on them and provide us all with some eye-candy shots - glad to hear you're getting over the dreaded lurgy - now back to the Wargaming grindstone!

David Crook said...

Hi SoS,

Sadly the high note is relative as SWMBO and my daughter are still very poorly so yours truly is in Florence Nightingale mode (minus the outfit....oooerrr missus etc)dispensing chicken soup etc.

Many thanks for the commenst though and you are quite right about the painting side - my plan is to have two usable forces of around a dozen models a side to kick off with so when the next batch are completed I shall be wielding the brush. Yes, I have 12 models under construction!!!

Happy New Year,


Cameron Fairchild said...

I love your steamboats! Very nice work. I might try my hand at a couple of them myself.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron,

Many thanks for the kind comments! The collection has grown quite a bit since Dec 2010 but the building technique has remained largely the same. Have a go at making a few - they are fairly straightforward and it is great fun to do! I will be interested to see how you get on.

All the best,