Thursday 24 March 2011

Back in the Balsa Wood Groove in Cyberspace

Confederate Gunboats soon to be joined by another three similar vessels.
The past week or so has seen only modest amounts of activity on the ship building front (to be pedantic, river craft should be referred to as vessels rather than ships) due to a number of reasons. I have had a couple of domestic duties to attend to as well as some work 'stuff' so time has been at a premium to an extent. I have also been mulling over the acquisition of a mobile computing facility - either a laptop or a netbook. I have pretty much made my decision as to which type I am going for (a netbook rather than a laptop) and I expect to purchasing this very soon. The main advantage for me will be the ability to make use of my PC 'stuff' whilst on the move and that maintaining my cyber world will be far easier and convenient. We have two PCs at home, the newest of which (15 months young) is a very good machine - certainly for what we use it for - and the older one now sits in my daughters bedroom for her homework, facebook, I tunes and various other bits and pieces. Having a netbook will mean that I can use the time away from the house to tackle my cyber stuff so that when I am at home I will have more time for building and painting (thats the theory although I dare say that SWMBO may have a hand in deciding EXACTLY how this extra time is spent...)

In the meantime though I have been taking stock of the ACW project and where it is now at. The next batch of hulls have been marked out and so construction has resumed in earnest. I have three more Confederate cotton clad gunboats underway and the CSS General Earl Van Dorn. The latter will be more of the same featured in an earlier post and by all accounts was a fairly common conversion. The 'arrowhead' at the front of the superstructure should be angled in a wedge shape as well as pointed but I was not able get this to look right so they will stay as they are. Since we only have assorted artist's impressions to go by I don't think that is altogether a disaster. Once these are built (all being well this should be over the weekend) I really will be on the last lap as I will have just a dozen more vessels left.
Bring on the paintbrushes I say!

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