Monday 4 July 2011

That was the Weekend that was....and some Unexpected Bargains

An old photo - but you get the idea!

It has been a busy weekend as yesterday saw SWMBO and I tackling our own annual boot sale - in which are selling assorted unwanted household odds and ends. Much as I enjoy going to boot sales I find actually doing one to be a major headache - only having a Honda Civic probably does not help although you would surprised how much stuff can be crammed into one with a little ingenuity! We chose to go to the local 'lazybones' boot sale and so did not have to make one of the 4am starts for the more usual ones.

After some four hours we had made around £110 - mostly from old clothes - and so overall it was successful although we still managed to return home with a car crammed full. SWMBO felt sure we had made a major dent in the sale stock but I was unconvinced by this! Mercifully a trip to one of the local charity shops will reduce the supply further.

As is usual when we are running a sale we are able to have a wander around and browse the other stalls and so I was delighted to have been able to pick another copy of the board game Risk - the version with the generic 18th century figures - for £1. It was missing a couple of d6 but this hardly mattered as I only wanted the figures in any event. The other find was a mixed bag of wooden 'Town in a Bag' buildings (probably about three quarters of a set) and what appeared to be a set of the Oxfam African Village. This contains some 14 wooden huts and a lot of 'fencing' plus the usual animals etc (all of which have been saved in a bag for my grandson for when he is no longer putting everything in his mouth!). This also cost the princely sum of a £1. I now own a fairly large selection of the 'Town in a Bag' style wooden buildings and am looking forward to using hem at some point although at the present time the ceramic Greek/Balkan buildings will probably see action first.

We arrived home at around 2:30 yesterday afternoon and as the weather was really nice we decided on a barbecue for our Sunday main meal and so it early evening before I eventually flopped, exhausted on the sofa.

I have made a lot of progress on the ship specifications for the Portable Naval Wargame and have completed the following:

Great Britain.

I am half way through Italy and will need to recheck Greece, Turkey and Black Sea Russia and so will be left with USA, Japan and the Baltic Russians.

I was not able to tackle the play test that I wanted to do and will attempt this next weekend instead.

Tomorrow evening will see the resumption of the ACW ship painting and I am committed to completing the remaining 32 models by the end of July so watch this space!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...


It sounds like you had a great weekend ... with lots of 'goodies' acquired for not a lot on money!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Bob,

It was busy, busy, busy but quite rewarding in the end.

It has given me much to think about though which, I suppose, is never a bad thing....;-)

All the best,