Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Block and Tackled....Part 2

The left hand units are for the smaller blocks whilst the right hand ones are the original types

In between signing on at the local job centre, preparing for the game at the club this evening and trawling the internet for job opportunities I managed to spend a little time tinkering with the label designs I have for my block armies. Essentially all I have done is to take the existing label and reduce it by fifty percent in the horizontal axis and that should do the trick quite nicely. I will not now have to use specific open order infantry or cavalry blocks as units will be made up of a combination of the existing large size blocks and the newer smaller versions. As it stands at the moment the 'standard' sized units will be equivalent to four blocks for infantry, three for cavalry and two for artillery - the similarity between units from Battle Cry and Memoir '44 is intentional. I have also decided on using movement trays for units with some  form of a magnetic strip with the unit id in place. Being magnetic means that all I would need to do would be to print the names as appropriate and then fix the label in place. The movement trays will be the same size as those used in the Volley and Bayonet rules which is a 3" square for an infantry or cavalry brigade or 3" by 1 1/2" for an artillery unit.

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