Sunday, 10 June 2018

500K + Views, 3 Books and 1 Holiday

It’s that time again. Laurel and I are away from tomorrow for a couple of weeks to the island of Corfu. The plan is to enjoy the sun, some good food and the odd trip to explore some of the island’s history. We have been to the island before but only for a week and for a variety of reasons did not really get to see that much. This is something I fully intend rectifying this time round!

Something a little different but relevant to where we are heading off to

I am fully prepared with reading material as not only am I taking a fully loaded Kindle but also an actual hardback - Gareth Glover’s The Forgotten War Against Napoleon: Conflict in the Mediterranean 1793 - 1815. I read Tom Pocock’s book on the subject: Stopping Napoleon and thoroughly enjoyed it - especially the Royal Navy operations which, given the small size of most of them (I am talking about low level actions here), would be eminently gameable and with the added bonus of combined arms actions.

The other two titles I am looking to read - and are both on my Kindle - are The Story of the Malakand Field Force by Winston Churchill covering the Pathan uprising and Our Friends Beneath the Sands by Martin Windrow which covers the story of the French Foreign Legion. Both of these are in support of my Colonial ‘The Men Who Would Be Kings’ aspirations.

I should also mention that I have just passed the 500K page views so many thanks to all that have dropped by since 2009 and I look forward to repeating the message when I hit a million!


Simon Jones said...

Our Friends Beneath the Sands is excellent. I must re read it again.

David Crook said...

Hi Simon,

There is something about the Legion that really strikes a chord with me and so gaming with them is an option I am seriously considering.

All the best,


Brian Carrick said...

Congratulations on the half Million, that really is a milestone in anyone's money! I always felt the FFL was a bit of a side project until I read Our Friends Beneath the Sands, It changed everything. Enjoy your holiday.

David Crook said...

Hi Brian,

Many thanks old chap! I should mention that I have around 100 Armies in Plastic Legionnaires.......

I have also recently watched March or Die which I rather enjoyed despite the rather 'hammy' acting.

All the best,