Monday 13 March 2023

Not Forgetting the ACW

Wofun ACW command and dismounted cavalry. Apologies for the picture quality but you get the general idea of what they look like

With my wargaming butterfly working overtime trying to keep up with me I had almost forgotten to mention the 18mm WoFun ACW collection that was passed over to me by Bob Cordery some while ago. Well, I was looking at the collection over the weekend - pondering a tie in with the ironclads rules before you ask - and to be honest it has everything I am likely to need except for mounted generals and dismounted cavalry. The Wofun website was not hugely helpful in this case as I could not find out how many sprues there are in in a box so a quick email later I received the pictures you see above.

These are not the Peter Dennis versions that use strips of figures, rather these are individuals and in a very different artistic style. For my needs one sprue of each will be more than enough and I am thinking of using them along with Battle Cry - the Richard Borg ACW game - with a base representing a unit. They would also work nicely with the Portable Wargame so there is much in the way of potential. There is plenty of artillery - sixteen guns and crews - but the guns are laser cut from MDF which means gun barrels with a square cross section (shades of Puckle’s machine gun!). I may look to replace these with metal models but for now they are more than adequate.

Once I have the sprues you see above I will have the full ACW collection I will need so I can then see about basing and finishing them off for use on the tabletop. For the record this counts very much as a ‘quick fill’ kind of project as once I have the bits I need it would be the work of a couple of nights to have them ready for action.

No harm in being optimistic is there? :-)


Donnie McGibbon said...

I really like the idea of Wofun, haven't done anything about it yet though, great for getting a project on the table quickly. I am looking forward to seeing your collection when it is complete.

David Crook said...

Hi Donnie,

WoFun is a great idea and as you rightly say, very handy for getting a project to the table quickly. As soon as I hear back from them in respect of my query I will get the order in. The artillery pieces are Ok to use in the short term but for me nothing says ACW field guns like the 12pdr Napoleon (shades of my Airfix ancestry there!) so I will probably get some of those with the odd 3” rifle for good measure.

All the best,


Aly Morrison said...

These fellows would certainly work well with Battle Cry David…
I’m not sure how well the soft plastic figures in the game woul take paint…

All the best. Aly

David Crook said...

Hello there Aly,

I have a cunning plan re the figures….

Many, many thanks once again for the game and rest assured, it has given me some delicious dilemmas!

All the best,