Sunday 3 September 2023

Rapid Fire Operation Market Garden

I came, I saw, I bought a copy….A cracking piece of work it is as well!

Well that has solved a variety of problems! I picked up a copy of the above to see how it would translate into a kind of mini campaign and I am happy to say that it certainly did not disappoint! This is a very neat piece of work that ticks all the boxes for me. 

There are 6 scenarios starting from the breakout by 30 Corps up to the ferocious fighting in Arnhem itself. There are also some 16 forces organised for Rapid Fire to go with the scenarios. The thing that struck me was that all maps are gridded in squares equalling 12” which, in my ‘bath tubbed’ world, would translate very nicely into in the Portable Wargame. Even the formations can be tailored into strength points so what’s not to like?

To be honest it has made me think about the campaign in a different way in respect of how I would game it. I have all the figures I would need, albeit on a temporary basis, from Eric’s collection but I have a couple of ideas to play around with.

More to follow….


Steve J. said...

I've pondered on getting this and will see if I can have a ganders at a copy whilst at Colours this coming weekend...

David Crook said...

Hello there Steve J,

I was hoping to give Colours a run out but I am away with SWMBO for a long weekend so maybe next year! It is a really good guide to the campaign with a great selection of battle groups to use.

All the best,


Aly Morrison said...

The Rapid Fire supplements are alway good…
I still pick them up when I see them… and I haven’t played the game or collected much WW2 for years .

All the best. Aly

David Crook said...

Hello there Aly,

There are also some freebies available on the Rapid Fire website. I am quite taken with the Market Garden book - plenty of inspiration for sure and with temporary stewardship of Eric’s collection there is a compelling reason for doing something it!

All the best,