Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Next Great Adventure

Now that the naval rules project is pretty much complete (at least this phase of the project is!) I am able to sit back and ponder the myriad of projects that I can undertake next. The historic projects are rather on the large side and these are as follows:

  • 15mm 18th century Ottoman Turks
  • 15mm Balkan Wars
  • 12mm Risk 18th century Imagi-nations
  • 1/3000th WW1 French Fleet

These are the projects that I would ideally like to start but suspect that this will not happen for a while due to time constraints (aka lots of college stuff). I actually need to buy the models for both the Balkan wars and the 1/3000th French so that will cause even more of a delay. I must confess that I quite fancy a quick historic project that will be compact in both terms of scale and cost. Several ideas spring to mind - most of which involve 20mm plastics - so I will give this some further thought. Something 20th century would be fun, especially as it will give me an excuse to make some kits again which is something I enjoy.

What I have available within my collection that is in need of attention is primarily Science Fiction based. I have a number of models for various ideas and these are as follows:

  • Ottoman Turkish Dirigible Fleet and the RNAS Red Sea squadron
  • Ottoman Turkish and Imperial Land Ironclads forces
  • 2mm GZG OGRE models
  • 28mm Combat Zone near future marines (think Aliens!)
  • Various Space Hulk ideas
  • Spaceships - lots of spaceships
  • Robots - lots of robots
  • 1/2400 ACW ironclads
  • 1/2400 16th century galley fleets

On balance I really do not have any excuse for embarking on any new projects but I am quite sure that most (if not all!) war gamers need very little excuse to dive in to something extra!

Of course, I also want a good excuse to try out some of the Army Painter Quickshade I recently acquired secondhand...................;-)


Paul O'G said...

Good god man - you know no excuses are necessary!

I vote for Turkish Digs, Space Hulk ideas, ACW irnoclands., LI and 2mm OGRE, in that order!


David Crook said...

Sounds like a plan but I have something else in the pipeline that was given a bit of a boost today.............;-)