Wednesday 28 July 2010

Axis and Allies: War at Sea - Enter the French

This evening at the club sees a rather different action than the usual RN versus the Germans or Italians in that the French are making an appearance. The models are really nice and now that the fleet has grown via the various expansion sets available, a meaningful force can be easily assembled.
We shall be fighting a one off, 250 points a side action, with the rules as they are written so objective markers will feature as well as the usual points for sinking the opposition. I will try to get a write up of the action in due course although this will probably not be until the weekend. One thing I will try to get in the habit of though, is to make sure that the fleet lists are included for any such reports - I may even try to include a map as well although I will need to experiment with this.
The picture above is of the French Battlecruiser Richelieu, taken in 1943 after her refit in the United States.

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