Friday, 8 October 2010

Minifigs Ships....Part 2

The next batch of models from long defunct Minifigs range of WW1 ships are some of the larger types - the ones we always look forward to seeing and using - the capital ships. No prizes for identifying them and if you look closely you will see where the damaged masts etc have been removed and I have started the clean up process prior to painting them. I intend undertaking a little conversion work on the two battle cruiser types, mainly to differentiate them between nations. At this stage it may be as simple as losing a funnel or adding an additional turret but we shall have to see. As with the cruisers the models are short on detail but are good and durable wargaming pieces and they have a charm all of their own.
The next post will feature the escorts - the destroyers and torpedo boats, as well as the submarines and the single merchant ship in the collection. I suspect that this will probably be used as an armed raider of some sort or an auxiliary cruiser of some sort.
We shall see - it is early days yet and decisions have yet to be made.

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