Monday 28 February 2011

CSS Louisiana or Model Number 30

Above is the picture of scratch built model number 30 for my ACW naval project - the CSS Louisiana. She comes in at 3 1/2" long which is the maximum size I can really go to if I want to keep the model on a single Hexon tile. The ship was constructed using my tried and tested casemate ironclad building technique and the only difference was with the structure on the top of the casemate itself. Historically the ship had two tandem centre wheels (the two curved structures to see to the rear of the funnel) and a pair of screws. the wheels did not work out as they got in each others way and so she was towed into position as the screws were non-operational. She mounted 16 guns but the broadsides had the five gunports you see on the model in a line whilst the other side had them grouped as a three and a two - see the following diagram for details. I have represented this but not the ports that have plated over. The wheel housing and funnel were surrounded by an armoured breastwork designed as protection from sharpshooters and I have reflected this on the model as well.

I am quite pleased with this model as it now means that I have only six more to go before the first batch are completed and I can start painting. The CSS Mississippi is also at the fitting out stage and I am hoping to finish her tomorrow evening before tackling the remaining three Confederate cotton clad gunboats which will in turn set me up nicely for the grand finale of the USS Tuscumbia and the USS Chilicothe.

Nearly there!

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