Sunday 28 August 2011

BMC Ships and the local Toy and Train Fair

BMC originals - Minifigs ships were almost identical in detail and style

It was a busy day today after our return from the West country - shopping, washing and the usual domestic round being the order of the day. I did manage to sneak away for an hour or so though and was able to visit the local Toy and Train Fair held periodically at my daughters school - which is about a hundred yards from my front door! This was the first time I have visited the fair in the six years I have lived at my present address so I was very pleased to be able to rectify this rather embarrassing situation. Events proved it to have been money well spent as the picture above able demonstrates.

I was able to pick up the three hollow cast BMC ships you see above (as yet to be identified) as well as three Merit Alder trees for a song and which will serve in the navy of the Sublime Porte during my forthcoming 1914 Mediterranean naval campaign. To say I was pleased to get these is an understatement as they are really the 'missing link' as far as the ship composition of the Turkish navy is concerned.

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mr Fox at the fair and who is now the proud owner of some assorted WW2 die cast armour for his collection of 28mm types - a Churchill tank, a very nice Panther tank and a German half track sporting a detachable 20mm quad flak gun. Needless to say he was very pleased with this little lot.

The fair would be an ideal opportunity for those 'Funny Little Wars' types - Messrs. Cordery and Gow take note! - as the variety of 54mm firing artillery pieces at very modest prices is truly astonishing! Perhaps Cordeguay and Forbodia will contact their respective arms merchants for further details....;-)

I was also very pleased to see Chris Hardman this morning as he popped around clutching a bag full of boxes of Jenga blocks from the Works for my block armies and was last seen heading for the hills with a bag of assorted ironmongery for purposes as yet unknown (and probably best left that way).


Tim Gow said...

Sounds like a worthwhile visit. Thanks for the heads u about firing artillery, but King Boris assures me the Forbodian Army is adequately supplied with such things. Reports indicate that the Cordeguayan arsenals are also rather well stocked....

David Crook said...

Hi Tim,

You can never have enough artillery!

Remember, quantity has a quality all of its own!

All the best,