Tuesday 9 November 2021

The Road Goes Ever On and On....

Budge, the Norwich Cathedral cat relaxing on one of the underfloor heating air vents.

Budge, Budge, fur brown like fudge, Cathedral cat and hero"

This will be something of a mish mash of a post and it has been written with the intention of bringing you up to date with what is going on in my world - domestically and gaming wise.

Laurel is pretty much back to the same condition she was prior to her angiogram meaning that once again she has severe nerve pain in her lower back and legs. She has said that it is not as bad but make no mistake, it is still enough for her to be taking industrial quantities of heavy hitting painkillers. She had an additional couple of scans last week, the results of which will be discussed with her consultant this coming Friday. Hopefully we will have better news this time around.

The news from Canada continues as expected. We talk to Gordie every week and whilst he remains remarkably upbeat his strength and endurance are, predictably, gradually wearing away. We do not know how long he has but friends and family are making sure that he and his partner has plenty of support.

Laurel and I managed to visit some of the Norfolk based family over the weekend - the first time in fact for nearly two years. We paid a visit to Norwich Cathedral - the whole complex is a very impressive affair - and enjoyed a nice lunch in the Refractory cafe. This is run by Jarrolds - a famous Norwich department store - and featured some of their delicious home made scones. These are huge and an absolute must if ever you are in Norwich! We also made the acquaintance of Budge, the cathedral cat. He is well used to visitors and being petted so was completely unconcerned by our making a fuss over him. 

Aside from Laurel's sister we also visited her step father who lives deep in the heart of the broads. He is an avid model railway enthusiast so we spent a pleasant couple of hours discussing the overlap between our respective hobbies - mainly concerning terrain - and he very kindly gave me a couple of rolls of grass mat, partially used. There is enough on each roll - one is meadow grass and the other is more heath like - for a specific project I have in mind, more of which in a later post.

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon and as I had a couple of hours spare I spent some time working on the ACW ships. I have rather a lot of masts to fashion which is not difficult to do but does take a while. It was very therapeutic for sure and served to take my mind off 'stuff'.

This Saturday I shall be going to Salute but by way of a complete break in my usual show attendance tradition I will be there in the afternoon and not the morning. I plan to arrive around 1:30 if I can and so will be attending the blogger's meet up scheduled for 2. If you are there say hello, it will be good to interact with real people once again!


Steve J. said...

Fingers crossed for the next appointment for Laurel! Medication is fortunately helping my back condition, but only if I don't do anything too physical, which is really frustrating. At least I have an appointment next week to see a specialist and hopefully will get an idea of what can be done moving forward.

I was due to visit family this weekend but given we still have very high Covid rates here, they said stay away, but in the nicest possible way. So I still have only managed to see them once in over two years now, which is weird thinking about it.

I hope you have a good afternoon out at Salute and at least the crowds tend to ease after lunch, so hopefully you can get a good view of the show. Enjoy your Blogger meet up as given the above, any chance to meet friends is a welcome boost at this current time. If you can take some pics too for those of us not attending this year!

The Jolly Broom Man said...

Sorry to hear of the Laurel’s deterioration. Looks like they’ll have to have another look around for the problem! Enjoy your day at the convention.

All the best Mark

David Crook said...

Hello there Steve J,

laurel has said that it is not as severe as recently but still bad and like you she gets very frustrated at not being as active as she would like. let us hope that both you and Laurel get some positive news from your respective appointments!

I plan to take pictures at Salute for sure and I am hoping that he rush would have eased off in the afternoon. It will be fun though and good to catch up with people.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hello there JBM (aka Mark).

It is very disappointing for sure. Laurel put her temporary respite down to the lingering after effect of the general anaesthetic she had. That has well worn off now so as far as her back is concerned it is business as usual!

Roll on Salute - I have a modest war chest to take with me but most of this will be heading towards Warbases!

All the best (email to follow),


Ray Rousell said...

See you on Saturday!

alastair said...

Hopefully see you on Saturday

david in suffolk said...

I do hope your wife gets some effective treatment soon, hope she can hang in there..
We've been thinking we must have a look at Norwich, and the Cathedral refectory sounds a good bet, thanks for the tip, and will look out for the cat.
I will be going to Salute, hope to say hello!

David Crook said...

Hi Alastair,

I will be there so hope to catch up at the blogger's meet up!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Ray,

You had better believe it!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hello there Mr Barnes,

Thank you old chap - we should find out today what is going on and hopefully how it can be fixed.

Norwich is a great place to wonder around in and the Refractory is a tasty place to eat for sure.

Hope to see you Saturday!

All the best,


Aly Morrison said...

Hi David…
I nearly missed this…
I’m sorry to hear about Laurel… it must be very frustrating for the both of you.
Hopefully further investigation will find and resolve the problem…
I do hope you will be taking lots of pictures at Salute as I won’t be coming down… maybe next time.
Have fun…

All the best. Aly

Graham C said...

Glad you had an enjoyable trip to Norwich and I really hope there is some progress soon with your wife's condition.
I'm still battling with the after effects of Covid so Salute was off the list so it will be interesting to hear your thoughts - I get the impression so far that it was a little flat!

David Crook said...

Hi Aly,

For sure it has been frustrating around Laurel’s situation as she is back to similar levels of pain as before the procedure. Once she has the next scan the medical team see what can be done so hopefully some progress can be made.

Salute was fun for many reasons but with a few reservations. I took a few pictures but they are not great in terms of close ups etc.

All the best,


PS I will email you shortly

David Crook said...

Hello there Graham C,

Thank you old chap. I hope that the Covid after effects are not too lingering - my brother had it earlier in the year and still cannot taste anything other than mint sauce. It really knocked the stuffing out of him.

Salute did feel a little flat but it was good to get to a show and catch up with old friends etc.

All the best,