Thursday 9 December 2021

"Der Tag"

S.M.S. Kaiser of the German High Seas Fleet during World War 1

 As a very brief follow up to my previous post - with, as ever many thanks for all the kind words and thoughts, either on the blog or otherwise - we have the date in the calendar for Laurel's surgery as well as some background on what exactly is going on with her. "Der Tag" is January 6th 2022 so let us hope that this can be stuck to given events in the Covid world (number 10 Christmas parties notwithstanding....). The neurosurgeon has said around three hours for the surgery, four days in hospital and six weeks recovery time and so for the nth time I am hugely relieved that my new job (which I start next Monday) is based on working from home so that I can support her during this time. It is a relief to get some positive progress on the board with this and so hopefully 2022 will get off to a good start as a result.

Laurel is due a call with the consultant beforehand in which he will outline the details of the procedure and the associated recovery etc. It will also be a great opportunity for her to ask any questions she may have and needless to say a list is already forming! The date for this is the 24th December and I will be in close attendance.

"Der Tag" is of course what the Imperial German Navy referred to when clinking glasses of Hoch, Moselle or Schnapps in the ward room when discussing the seemingly inevitable clash with the Royal Navy in the years leading up to the Great War. Of course I am not comparing my beloved to a fleet of dreadnought battleships but given Bob Cordery's recent post about the Fletcher Pratt based Jutland game he took part in, as well as the importance of Laurel's surgery it seemed somehow appropriate....:-)


Steve J. said...

Great that you've got a date sorted already and fingers crossed Covid doesn't put a spanner in the works. As always fingers and toes crossed for all concerned.

Aly Morrison said...

Now you’ve got a date you can start to plan things…

It looks like you won’t be alone with working from home… not that I’ve actually stopped…

Best wishes to Laurel and fingers still crossed ( no wonder I can’t sculpt today😁)

All the best. Aly

Jim Duncan Wargamer said...

I remember back to a January 8th a few years ago when I was lined up for surgery with the hopes and best wishes from all around ringing in my ears. All went well on the day and recovery was more or less on schedule in the days that followed.

I hope that Laurel has a similar story to tell in due course and I extend my best wishes for a successful resolution and look forward to a renewed and refurbished future.

Best wishes


Archduke Piccolo said...

Wishing you and yours all my best for the next few weeks, David.

David Manley said...

Fingers crossed all goes OK. Looking forward to catching up in the New Year :)