Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Renovating an old model....Part 2

Not a great deal to report as I have run out of Milliput - rather the Milliput I had was virtually fossilized due to old age! - for the bridge assembly so instead I spent a little time with the Majestic funnel mounting. It is rather small so I did not bother with a picture but it is now ready for use.

The first thing I had to do was to make sure the two funnels were the same height which was easy enough with a few strokes of the file. Next, I had to trim the base so that it was level with the circumference of the two funnels - again easy enough with another couple of strokes of the file. The underside of the assembly (the part that is in contact with the hull) needed leveling so as to avoid leaning funnels and this was also easily rectified. Finally, and this was the trickiest part of the undertaking, I needed to remove the built up section at the base between the funnels. This took a couple of cuts and some very careful filing between the two funnels so as avoid any damage. It all worked out OK and the end result is a pair of funnels that now look taller despite being shorter - simply because the base 'clutter' has now been removed. The fixture can now be placed in either direction quite happily in the locating hole in the model's superstructure which means that once the bridge has been built (I shall be visiting ModelZone tomorrow for the Milliput) I shall have the basis for a large number of similar looking vessels.

I love it when a plan comes together!

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