Friday 11 May 2012

That was the week, that was.....

....And what a good one it has been! I now have five sets of blocks labelled with the sixth and final under way, I fought a very good war game with Bob Cordery and received a very welcome amount of kit from him (once again with enormous thanks), the air war game at the club was a hoot, my two Me 109 Fs arrived and I collected a couple of Spitfire's from Mr. Fox, the sun has come out, the lawn has been mowed, the decking painted AND....I have two interviews on Monday  - one of which will take me rather too close for my wallet's comfort to Model Zone at Holborn.....;-)

All in all then, not a bad one in anybodies language - and we still have the weekend to come!

P.S. Game number 10 will be on Sunday.

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