Friday 25 October 2013

There be MORE Pirates!....But from where?

What a treasure trove of goodies - sadly the Port had been consumed....;-)

I arrived home this evening after a long and wearying week to not one but two mysterious parcels. After having reassured SWMBO that I had not been on a buying spree I finally opened the boxes to find the contents you see above. A couple of dozen extra Pirate ships - mostly Spanish and Royal Navy - complete with all the associated cards, tokens and terrain pieces and the added bonus of no less than four forts. There was also a square gridded playing map that I had not seen before with rules to use the models on a square grid. I will get this laminated for protection purposes but the idea of using a square grid is not a new one as a certain number of SEEMS will attest to. I still have the scars to prove it - literally....;-)

Big and Spanish - with shades of Don Lardo and his despicable schemes

I have no clue as to the identity of this mysterious benefactor although my suspicions are directed to the north and with the initials of a well known Tennessee beverage in mind this should serve to illuminate the matter. I will however, extend my most sincere and grateful thanks to this doyen of gaming and of such a generous spirit - it is very much appreciated and will most certainly be put to good use!

(Please drop me a line as well - you know who you are!)


Jim Duncan Wargamer said...

No need for secrecy DC, I am that man and I am sure you knew it all along.

I should have included a little note but did not.

My gift to you has added another increment to the reduction of the 'lead' pile although not of 'lead' themselves.

My plan is to go through my existing collections, my lead, plastic and resin piles and my books and magazines asking myself various questions along the lines of: 'am I using this?', 'will I use this?', 'will I complete this?', 'should I sell this?', 'should I give this away?', 'should I dump this?'.

I have used all of these options so far in the last year or so. I may take a few more years yet to exhaust all of them.

I am sure that you will more of the 'gift' than I have so far. You are welcome!

tradgardmastare said...

Give you joy of your good fortune David!

David Crook said...

Hi Jim,

Many, many thanks for this donation to the plastic pile - it has given me much food for thought - and I am sure that I will be making much use of the same in due course.

I have a cunning plan....;-)

If there is anything that you are on the lookout for let me know and I will see what I can do.

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Trad,

I am a very lucky chap - especially as I will not need to paint anything!

All the best,