Thursday 6 December 2018

Irregular, Tribal or Native Blocks

Ottoman Turkish Janissaries - note the overall colour scheme for the troops firing - white headgear, blue coat and red leggings.

Back in my block building heyday I took the conscious decision to produce a range of blocks for Irregular, Tribal or Native types, primarily for use in Colonial style games. Indeed, I fought a couple of Zulu war actions using them as well as some actions set set in the Roghan Valley (a fictional North West Frontier set up) and even one from the Arab Revolt set in 1917. These blocks were also used for Indians during the French and Indian War. I used standard military symbols but adopted a colour scheme that could pass as the troop types being represented. For reasons that seemed like a good idea at the time I also produced a number of blocks that I intended to use as, of all things, Ottoman Turkish Janissaries.

The blocks I came up with look something like this:

The above blocks are used for generic African tribesmen - the right and left quadrants represent the main shield colour when being used as Zulus so the white works for married regiments and the black for the youngest unmarried types. The three blocks at the bottom are used for commanders.

The above units are designed to represent various 'turban wearing' types - typically Afghan or Arab tribesmen with the white quadrant representing the headgear. Note that each tribal grouping also has an associated mounted arm and command. I opted for black for the mounted as these are largely irregulars. Also, if needs be, I can use them as camelry with ordinary cavalry blocks from my brown, grey and khaki set used as horseman. The red, white and blue blocks represent the Janissaries.

I may well have to add to these to allow for heavy or light types so that they are aligned with the more conventional block armies by adding the black or white band to the basic blocks depicted. I could also use some additional command blocks. These will also have to borne in mind when I produce unit flags as well.

I am sure I had a specific idea in mind when I drew up the Ottoman Turkish Janissaries but for the life of me I cannot remember what but having said that it has served to remind me that I do not have a white set of blocks for use as Austrians.

Something else for the 'to do' list then!

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