Friday 17 June 2011

Funnel Bands? Got it Taped!....ACW Painting Part 16

Literally. Taped I mean. I am using masking tape to mark the edges for the painted funnel bands on the city class ironclads. Each of the ships had a unique colour for identification purposes and these were as follows:
  • Cairo - grey (not yellow as I originally thought)
  • Carondelet - red
  • Cincinatti - Blue
  • Mound City - Orange
  • Pittsburg - light brown
  • St. Louis - yellow
  • Louisville - green.
It was a little fiddly cutting out 3mm strips to go around the funnels but it will save me a lot of hassle later. An alternative would be to use sticky labels coloured and just stuck on where needed.

I am aiming to have these ready by the close of play Sunday so watch this space!

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