Saturday 25 June 2011

The (Portable) Naval Wargame....Scratching a Long Term Itch

After my recent playtest and the resultant revisions I decided that I needed to bring the whole thing up to a certain level in terms of coverage of nationalities. This has been a long running itch that I have finally decided to scratch!  As readers of this blog will know doubt be aware, my focus has been on the Balkan navies, with a diversion into the Black Sea and the Mediterranean in general. I never got beyond those although for my DBSA variant I had managed to get ship specifications done for all the world's major navies from 1890 to 1920.

With this in mind I plan to spend this weekend completing the said task - working on the basis that once it is done, it is done! I did a little painting on the ACW kit last night and have revised my intended finish date for this until the end of July which is probably a lot more realistic.

I will upload the naval rules and the completed fleet lists for readers use once they are completed.

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