Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The "Noble Six Hundred"

Apologies if I have offended anyone's poetic sensibilities by using the last line of the poem "the Charge of the Light Brigade" in the title of this post but I do have a reasonably good excuse. This is the 600th post on my blog and as is customary on such milestones I will give my equivalent of the "State of the Union" address - rather the state of my project list!
The blocks are virtually finished and all I need to do is to add the identification labels and complete the 20th century add ons - vehicles and such like. Once ready, and the rules are complete (although this is by no means essential) I can then apply myself to the ACW and Balkan War ideas I have been mooting for some time. This will additionally involve completing the ACW ships (include the cat inflicted damage repairs!) and tackling the Minifigs ships for the naval side. Incredibly, these are in fact still on course for the fourth quarter of the year - simply because I am using blocks rather than figures.
Early next year will see me tackling 1941 on the Russian Front for Operation Barbarossa; again using blocks rather than models and also the great 1/1200th plastic warship building fest. This will kick off with the North Atlantic but I also have a few surprises planned along the way, just to keep things fresh.
That is probably more than enough to keep me going for a while and so to use once again the work of Alfred, Lord Tennyson: "Was there a man dismay'd? Certainly not I, although ask me again in six months time when doubtless something else new and shiny would have come along to wreck the best laid plans of mice and wargamers!
I would to close by of course extending many thanks to all that have commented, cajoled and criticised my ramblings over the last 599 posts - I hope our long association continues until the next 600 posts have been completed!


El Grego said...

Quite an impressive collection of posts! and sympathies on the ACW fleet...

Paul O'G said...

Excellent! I shall look forward to seeing the progress in the run up to Christmas. If you can continue your recent productivity you should be quids in!!

David Crook said...

Hi EG,

Luckily the damage looked far worse than it was but it still came as a shock!

I really enjoy my blog time and so will continue to ramble on for as long as I am able and have something to blog about!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Hi Paul,

For sure I want to have the Blocks squared away by the end of the year; together with the remaining ACW models and the Minifigs ships. The Russian Front next year will now largely a cerebral exercise - map and scenario driven - as the blocks will be used for this as well.

That means 1/1200th ship modelling and I am really looking forward to that!

All the best,