Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tanks for the Memory

Vehicles for use on the blocks

I had forgotten to add a picture of the vehicle labels in my last post so the above rectifies this oversight! I am quite pleased with these and it is quite clear what they represent. From the top the first two rows are tanks, the third row is of tank destroyers, the fourth SP artillery, the fifth half track and the sixth is of armoured cars. I suppose with a little work these could easily be made more detailed - even down to specific types - but that would defeat the object of using generic looking examples. The second three rows of olive vehicles are on the second sheet which also contains the brown versions.

As mentioned yesterday I am avoiding representing lorries as I see them more as a 'before and after' transport facility rather than for use during combat - at least within the context of the rules as I envisage them. I will probably include a rule mechanic allowing infantry to have an increased move distance for a turn to represent a lorry-based deployment of some kind but will need to give this some further consideration in due course.

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