Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Die is Cast....

Ancients Dice - and no sign of the Rubicon anywhere....

Although I shall not be taking delivery of the huge selection of blocks from Mr Gow just yet I have already been giving some thought about using the ancients for gaming purposes. I large amount of the printed material   from the base set and the expansions can be readily obtained from a variety of sources on the net with the GMT website being one such place. The one thing I needed to get though was some of the special dice used in the ancients game. I must confess to being a convert to using these special dice (which feature in all of the Command and Colours series of games - although not in the Worthington Games Napoleon's Wars) rather than ordinary d6 as they seem to give 'clearer' results than using ordinary d6.

I have a source of dice for both the ancients and the Napoleonic versions of the game - Valley Games - and so have ordered a couple of sets of the ancient version and one of the Napoleonic.

The only thing I may have some difficulty with is a set of the ancients command cards so I will check out the GMT website to see if extra sets may be ordered.

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