Friday, 5 June 2015

Waterloo to Mons or There and Back Again....

In my last post I had mentioned that I had taken the plunge and had joined the Continental Wars Society covering the European military scene from Waterloo to the outbreak of the Great War and had also acquired the disc containing issues 1 to 69 of the Foreign Correspondant - the quarterly journal of the society. My first issue and the disc duly arrived and a couple of nights ago I uploaded the contents onto my IPad.

My morning commute has been like a succession of Christmas mornings!

The contents are truly inspiring and diverse enough to satisfy even my own somewhat unusual tastes. For sure the Franco Prussian and Austro Prussian Wars feature prominently so far but there is a host of other mouthwatering gaming possibilities. Aside from the main campaigns of the century (and the Balkan Wars from the 20th) thus far I have seen mention of the following:

The Carlist War - I have the Wargames Foundry book on this
The French campaign in Dahomey (not sure this qualifies as a European war though!)
Turks against Serbs in 1876
Revolts in 1848
Russians versus Poles at various times
Prussians versus Danes
Italians versus Italians
Russians versus Caucasian tribal types - I really liked the look of this one!

It is a veritable smorgasbord of military 'stuff' and you may be forgiven for thinking something along the lines of how on earth is he going to make his mind up from that little lot? Well, strange as it may seem what this 19th century immersion has done is to help me frame what I want to do in some form of context. I have some ideas to tinker with but for now I merely soaking up the inspiration.

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