Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Portable Block Wargame....Part 2

In my last post I touched on the question of terrain for use with my Heroscape set up. I mentioned that one of things I wanted to avoid was using terrain items that had too large a 'footprint'. Much of my existing terrain is ideally suited for use with Hexon and the associated model footprint does not present too much of a problem when using units of four, three or two blocks. This is part due to the size of the models in use and the fact that he Hexon tiles are some four inches (100mm) across the flat edges. Sadly the Heroscape version is less than half of this at around 45mm. It is a problem to be sure as the blocks I shall be using occupy a large chunk of the available space within a Heroscape tile. Since I am not going to replace my block collection anytime soon with a smaller version the need for some terrain has become a pressing one.

I have an idea although it is by no means an original one. I am planning on experimenting with 2D models - essentially 'flats' but configured in such a way that the look is very much 3D. Simply by using an 'L' shaped or, more likely a three sided base with representations of the terrain to be depicted configured along both angles I am hoping to solve both the practical and the aesthetic consideration. At this stage my thoughts are limited to buildings and built up areas and woods but there is no reason why the technique could not be applied to other things.

As I shall have some spare time this weekend I will also make a point of trying out some terrain ideas and see how they work out - with of course the results being posted on the blog.

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