Monday 24 April 2023

Solving an Aerial Mystery

US aircraft in 1:300th correctly identified as Heroics and Ros. P47Ds on top with the P51Ds at the bottom. The size of the P47 can be seen here to good effect!

For the Luftwaffe we currently have a trio of FW190Ds and a pair of Me262s

Thanks to Heroics and Ros being at Salute I was able to identify the manufacturer of the models included with my recently acquired copy of Mustangs. I suspected they were Heroics and Ros so was relieved to have been right as well the fact that the castings are still of the same standard meaning that I can round up the flights to four models apiece.

To be honest the castings are pretty basic but as representative pieces they are ideal and are recognisable for what they are supposed to be.

I was also pleased to find out that not only Heroics and Ros carry the range I-94 decals but that Pendraken do as well (thanks to Jim Jackaman for the heads up on this). I did not buy any from either as I needed to check out what was required for the models first of all.

At this stage the plan is very modest. I shall round out the aircraft above to flights of 4 and will add to the line up four P38s for the Americans whilst the Germans will gain four Me109Gs and four FW190As. I will think about the RAF in due course and of naturally there will be the Pacific and Eastern Front to think of in due course.

I am currently undecided about basing but am thinking about using magnets rather than having the aircraft fixed. As projects go this ticks pretty much all of the boxes. It is a gaming genre and period I have a long time interest in, the system was designed by my favourite game designer - the late S. Craig Taylor and the amount of models required is very modest. It will be fun sorting out some colour schemes for the models and taking to the skies once again.

Methinks this may well be a rather long but certainly enjoyable rabbit hole!

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