Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Action in the Black Sea, 1915 - A Reflection

It never ceases to amaze me how, when a set of rules that have been carefully scripted to within an inch of their life still seem able to throw up all manner of wrangles when you first use them. The rules in question were not quite in that heinous position but nevertheless, a few revisions were in order. Naively I assumed that just a couple of key strokes would suffice but whilst doing this I was suddenly hit by a thought, indeed it was a thought I should have had at the outset. Basically, what did I want the rules to achieve?

I pondered this and came up with a number of observations that are worth setting down; if only to remind myself why I chose the approach that I did.
  • No ship damage record charts
  • A gridded playing surface
  • The ability to differentiate between ships notionally of the same type
  • Recognisable damage effects e.g. fire and flooding
  • Be easy to pick up by non naval gamers
  • Be suitable for large scale actions i.e. squadron and fleet sized

From the perspective of the above list I have achieved all the aims I set myself but I am still feeling a little 'short changed', as though something is missing from the whole. I pondered this further and came up with the simple expedient of needing to prepare a comparable strategic campaign system for use with the tactical rules. Campaigns, mini campaigns or even linked scenarios are very much a personal favourite of mine - even to the extent of writing up the after action report with more 'story' to it than the game would suggest - and are something I enjoy organising.

So I need to add a campaign system to the tactical rules - this will not be a problem to design but I cannot foresee myself tackling this anytime soon!

The VSF bolt ons though are a very different kettle of fish.........................;-)

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