Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lepanto - 1915 Part 3 and 100 Not Out

Last night saw the play test of the latest version of the DBSA WW1 Navl Gridded Rules and as is usual with things, a few issues raised their ugly heads. Sadly I am not able to give a blow by blow account of the action other than to describe it as a narrow Turkish victory after they had managed to sink a couple of bases of DDs and cripple a light cruiser for no loss and with very little damage. Much muttering under the collective Austro Hungarian and Italian admirals breath was heard concerning the quality of the Turkish dice rolling (or was it the poor quality of their own?).

I will need to clarify the turning rules a little as they caused a degree of confusion in their execution - nothing major - just a tad reworking. Also on the hit list will be LOS implications when using destroyer screens as well as firing arcs for DDs themselves.

I will need to consider the inferior/superior nature of particular vessels as now the dice roll has been removed from costed turns and speed I need to think about how to factor this into the rules.

Overall I am quite satisfied with the core mechanics for this set - it is just a case of fine tuning to make them a viable alternative to more traditional sets.

This post is also a milestone of sorts as it is my 100th. I am really enjoying the whole blogging thing and it has given me much inspiration and welcome support for all of my varied endeavours. With this in mind I should like to extend my warmest thanks to all that have contributed or even just browsed through - cliched I know, but I really could not have done it without your continued and most welcome support.

Here's to the next 100!!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Congratulations on achieving your century! It is quite a milestone, and you have reached it in less than six months.

Keep blogging!

All the best,


David Crook said...

Many thanks Bob - the 'creative juices' may dry up a little now that the college assignments are commencing! I have enjoyed the blog enormously though and am fortunate in having such an inspirational audience!

SteelonSand said...

Hi Ogre, good to hear the Ottomans got the upper hand, orthoganals or no orthaganals; the 'dark mutterings' from the Allied players probably mean that you're in for a re-match at some point - let us know the results!

David Crook said...

Thanks SoS - seeing the Yavuz Sultan Selim at full speed in the van of the Turkish Fleet; all guns blazing as she sailed into hell - was a thing of beauty and a joy forever............;-)

Paul O'G said...

Well Huzzah the Turkish victory and your maiden century old bean!

David Crook said...

Cheers old boy! It was a sweet moment to be sure when the Yavuz opened fire. As for the century - well you know what a scribbler I am and it has been a pleasure doing so!