Thursday, 8 October 2009

Space Hulk Part 2

It was an enjoyable game of Space Hulk at the club last night - for a change I was using the Marines - and now that there have a been a few such sessions of familiarisation I am able to move onto the next phase: namely running one of the campaigns. This suggestion was greeted with enthusiasm by the attendees and given that there is quite a lot of 40K stuff at the club it will be pretty easy to set up. I am more than happy to run this as, to be honest, it will not need a vast amount of work to organise. From a time perspective (given my college obligations) it will fit in nicely as well - no late nights drafting scenarios etc! In my present circumstances I have absolutely no qualms at using 'pre-designed' gaming material in the interests of saving time; my feeling is that it is better to get a game in rather than none at all.

For the record, the marines won the scenario - we played 'Cleanse and Burn' and managed to get away with losing only 3 marines. Much muttering was heard from the various Genestealer commanders at the continued quality of the marines dice rolling.......................;-)


Paul O'G said...

The pre-generated campaigns for 1st and 2nd edition are excellent - Id be surprised if they needed to be changed at all. More linked scenarios than a campaig of course (in the GW style) but they are great fun

David Crook said...

That is exactly what I have in mind - easy to pick up and with everything laid on! The redoubtable Mr Fox already has a Deathwing painted and ready to smite the enemines of mankind!