Saturday, 31 October 2009

'Gladiators, I Salute You......' Part 2

I finally managed to get the bases finished on my Ludus Gladiatorius pre painted 28mm Gladiators after a wait of about 18 months! The base was quite simply two layers of sand applied with PVA and matt varnished - simple but effective. My good friend Mr Fox has colour coded the edges of the individual bases to match the counters that come with the game. I have chosen not to do this simply because the counters are printed on card that is only slightly thicker than paper and they are irritatingly fiddly to use, also, I prefer the black edging. I plan to print some out on sticky labels and will mount them on tiddly wink counters for ease of use. I may in the future get another set of the base game and paint the shields a different colour to give some additional variety.

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