Monday, 13 August 2012

Ancient Armies and Navies

It has been a busy weekend and no mistake! Friday night saw yours truly watching the new Batman film which was suitably dark, brooding, violent and entertaining (I really must get around to seeing the second film in the trilogy....) and with a couple of pretty good trailers as well - the remake of the Sweeney looks like it could be entertaining especially as it features Ray Winstone as Regan.

Saturday saw me picking up my grandson for an overnight stop via the Navwar shop in Seven Kings. It was only a flying visit but I managed to pick up all that I needed in terms of ancient galleys to support that which I had received from Tim Gow as part of our ongoing distribution of our respective collections! The galleys I had received from Tim are for later than the Salamis fleets and primarily consisted of ships suitable for the Punic wars and later Roman republic. There are quadiremes and quinquiremes aplenty; with a dash of liburnians for good measure but only a single pack of triremes. Navwar came to the rescue and I was pleased to see that two types of this ship featured - a standard trireme and the high sided Phoenician variant - in the range and so sufficient models have now been acquired for representative Greek and Persian fleets. They also look very straightforward to paint - even for me....;-)

With the visit of my grandson (and I had forgotten just how exhausting an active 2 year old could be!) not a great deal else was done over the weekend and my plan to have the Command and Colours ancients blocks finished  on the labelling front missed the target somewhat. The Barbarians have 28 blocks left to label and the Imperial Romans (in purple no less!) will follow which will be everything up to the soon to be acquired Spartans. The entire collection will live in no less than 7 plastic storage boxes and looks pretty impressive.

As an aside though, I have been giving much thought to a number of projects over the course of the weekend (thinking can be done quite readily I find, and it is always a good alternative to doing anything - especially when you are unable to do so!) and will have some fairly big news to post pretty soon so watch this space. I suspect that it will not come as a big surprise to many, given my limited attention span and tendency to project hop, but I think it is certainly the right thing to do.

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