Friday 2 January 2015

1815:2015 and 1916:2016

These are the dates that will be featuring prominently on the blog over the coming year - especially in the case of the former as the anniversary is in June!

I have had a relatively productive day today as the six RN battleships have been successfully varnished (phew!) and the bases merely need the 'waves and wakes', the ensign and all-important ship name to be finished. I have also managed to give the second dry brush coat to the remaining twelve battleships before tackling the last of the Germans. I have also been taking a long look at the Panzerschiffe catalogue in readiness for the order of cruisers. I will tackle these first and will finish up with the destroyers.

As far as the Waterloo project is concerned I managed to find all my old notes concerning the orders of battle and how to represent them. I think I am pretty much decided on how this will play out  and so the work involved will be fairly minimal - famous last words!

It will be a block based project so look away now if this is not your bag! A quick review of what I have ready has shown up a few minor gaps but nothing too onerous. the one departure from the norm though is that I shall be using some form of naming convention for the relevant commanders. It will serve to add to the flavour and is something I have been considering for all my bock based adventures.

The best thing about the 1815 project though is that much of the work has already been tackled so fine-tuning the various notes I have made should be pretty straightforward.

It may even reignite my long dormant Napoleonic gene and set me off on a figure painting frenzy.....

Or maybe not....


El Grego said...

I'm looking forward to seeing both of these projects come to fruition, especially the ships!

Happy New Year!

David Crook said...

Hi EG,

The ships are progressing well and I hope to have the RN capital ships finished in a couple of weeks and I then plan to have a fleet review on the blog.

Then it will be the turn of the Germans - I have 13 left for them.

All the best,