Friday 16 January 2015

Closing in on the big finish

I have managed to make a start on the remaining German ships for the High Seas Fleet for the Jutland project. The plan is to tackle them in earnest over the weekend for the grand finale - aka the photo shoot - taking place next weekend. I am rather excited by this and am looking forward to this final stage. I have really enjoyed the whole process and am now busily planning the cruisers although this will be rather a large undertaking due to the need to include some 'non-Jutland' types - mainly earlier vessels that would be second class by 1914.

More to follow once I have finalised the plans.


CelticCurmudgeon said...


It must really give you a true sense of accomplishment to reach this point in the collection. Have you decided how you'll render the destroyers and light cruisers? Will they be grouped in flotillas?

Have fun and enjoy the moment.


David Crook said...

Hi Jerry,

I was really pleased to have finally finished the RN capital ships and the remaining Germans are currently under the brush for completion over the next weekend all being well.

I am very close to settling on how I tackle the whole cruiser/destroyer issue and will certainly be opting for formation bases in the case of the latter. I just need to spend some time going through the historical formations and breaking them down into bases - each of which will represent between 3 and 5 actual ships with a couple of models on the tabletop.

That is the plan at present anyway.

All the best,