Sunday 31 July 2022

Even More Masts, Even More Spars….

Again, none of the masts are fixed in place - they are merely there whilst the glue dries. Deck fittings next - hatches, funnels and deck mounted artillery - and then sealing and painting.

I seem to have gotten a bee in my bonnet in respect of building ships with masts - incidentally this augers well for the age of sail in due course - and so spent a couple of hours this afternoon making the masts and spars for the remaining pair of sloops. The plan now is to get the hull deck fittings tackled next - that will take all of half and hour or so - before the ‘sealing’ and painting. 

I want to get these models finished in advance of the five that I have half painted for no other reason than it will mean that I will have completed the ‘masted’ section of the collection. 

Wow! That will be the first part of the project done and dusted…(pauses to take a deep breath…)!

For the record I will have built ten ships  - four Confederate and six Union - that have a full sailing rig and yes, I am rather pleased with how they came out!


El Grego said...


Watching your progress might just get me to dust off my own naval projects!

David Crook said...

Good morning El Grego,

Go on, you know you want to!

All the best,