Tuesday, 23 October 2012

WW1 Naval via Avalon Hill's Jutland

You may recall that I recently acquired a copy of a disc containing scans of all the Avalon Hill Naval boardgames and I have used the same to print off the counter sheet for Jutland. Needless to say over the years the game has seen many variants and rule amendments which all serve to enhance the original. I am a great fan of this game and have had some cracking battles over the years - although not for a while though. I fully intend to rectify this soon and the Jutland blocks I have made will serve very nicely. I am currently redrafting the rules into a simpler format that incorporates many of the options contained in the various magazine articles published over the years but I have hit a minor problem.

A significant rule update was published in the Boardgamer magazine (the follow on to the AH General magazine) - volume 5 issue 3 (July 2000) that I would really like to include in my redraft if possible. I am currently trying to track this down although a disc containing every issue published of the magazine is readily available. I am loath to buy this simply because it seems like a lot of money to pay out for a single article as most of the other games featured I either do not own nor am I interested in.

I will report any progress as and when I have any news.


Chasseur said...

Please keep us posted ... Jeff

David Crook said...

Hi Jeff,

I certainly will!

All the best,


Crazy Jones said...

My name is Walter. I am from Argentina and after some years of search, I acquired an original Jutland of Avalon Hill from 1967. With a friend we are trying understand, little by little, the basic rules, specially the Inicial Move for the German Forces. I have too a dvd disc with all naval boardgames of Avalon Hill.
Grettings from Argentina.

David Crook said...

Hi Crazy Jones,

Jutland is a great game and if you need any hep with it let me know - just email me on roguejedi@btinternet.com.

All the best,