Thursday, 3 January 2013

Flying High on a Rules Tweak

The P51 Mustang - the classic 'D' variant.

It was the first club night for 2013 yesterday and so once again Angels 20 was rolled out but with a twist. You may recall that I had reworked the old Air Force/Dauntless/Expansion Kit pilot quality into, well, Angels 20 speak and last night saw its first outing with a live audience. It worked out very well indeed and gave both sides much more representative aircrews for the period of the war being fought - in this case early 1944. We managed two games with the forces being a pair of Germans bouncing a flight of Mustangs. The first game saw a pair of Rookie FW 190s attack the Americans at slighty too long a range and thereby sacrificed the all important element of surprise. A few high speed turns and some snapshooting later saw one of the 190s go down whilst the other 'bugged out' and remembered an urgent appointment elsewhere.

The second game saw the Germans flying Me 109 'Gustavs' and they had a veteran flying with his rookie wingman. This time the Germans were spotted before they opened fire and a swirling melee followed which once again saw the Germand ose one whilst the other headed for the hills. In each game the Americans took some damage but nothing remotely fatal.

The games worked out really well and using the revised pilot quality made a lot of difference - as did dispensing with some of the more outlandish special abilities. Once I get the pilot ability table drawn up this should help even more in making the game more, dare I say, believable.

As ever thanks to Mr Fox for the toys and the very generous donation of some kapok. This will feature in my solo aerial games the next time I run one and will look far better than the toilet roll glycol trails I have been using in the past!

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