Monday 24 May 2021

A Civil War Too Far

A superb book but sadly one of the library that will be moving on at some point 

I am unable to get into the man cave today as we are having the loft ladder, hatch and spring assembly replaced. This means that work on the five models currently under construction for the ACW project will be temporarily halted, depending on how long it takes to get the loft sorted (it is being worked on as I write this). All that remains with them are the masts which are fully assembled and just need painting. They are significant in that once completed I will have fifty models built and ready for action.

In the meantime though.

I have come to decision about my planned ECW project. It is not going to happen. The English Civil War is one of those periods of history that I have always felt that I should be interested in and indeed, whenever I have been to anywhere in the UK that has been involved in the war I have always enjoyed the historicity of it all. Try as I might I cannot seem to get motivated to game it though - despite having an instant and complete solution in the shape of the 18mm WoFun collection. I would be able to fight just about anything from the war and indeed, I certainly have a great selection of rules to use with the armies. I just do not seem to be able to get the enthusiasm together to do so though. 

Is this a passing whim?

I have made a conscious effort to get ‘into’ the period but it is just not happening. I have gone through the books I have for inspiration and have even watched ‘Cromwell’ once again (maybe not the best idea but it was quite entertaining all the same!) but all to little avail. I just do not seem to be able to get enthusiastic with the period. 

With the careful introspective and considered decision making process for which I am well known (at this point ‘lol’ would be the appropriate observation) I have taken the decision to offload the entire collection - books, rules, and of course, the WoFun armies.

There is another prompt for this decision. I have several other projects that would all be in front of the English Civil War and significantly these will all require varying levels of financial investment. 

Once I have completed the ACW ship building my next project will involve pirates and to be honest this may change as far as the ships are concerned - I am now seriously considering building my own although no decision has been made as yet.

I realise this post will probably read very much as a ‘there he goes again’ kind of affair but the truth is rather different. I have a number of interests that I am more intellectually invested in and so it makes sense for me to pursue those rather than something that appears to me to be so peripheral. 

To those that game and enjoy the English Civil War - and there are many I know - all I will say is ‘vive la difference!’ - it would be a dull old state of affairs if we all liked the same thing!


Steve J. said...

If it no longer floats your boat, then I think you're doing the right thing in off loading everything to others that do like the period. It then allows you to focus on periods that do interest you, which is of course good!

I've dabbled in the ECW since Uni when my friend was really into it. I've tried to get into the 30YW and Italian Wars too as they look great, especially the latter, but after much thought they're not for me. Ditto the ECW which I moved on from again after much thought, preferring instead the Glorious Revolution with a dash of Imagi-Nations thrown in for good measure.

So you're not alone in starting a project and then realising it's just not working for you. It took me many years to finally get up the 'courage' to ditch various projects, but it has been very cathartic:)

David Crook said...

Hello there Steve J,

I have little excuse for not wanting to make a go of the ECW - all the bits and pieces are in place - but I just cannot get the enthusiasm to the required level to make it sustainable. My 17th century fix will be in the latter years via the pirates.

The funds raised will help to finance those projects I have a better connection with.

That is the plan anyway!

All the best,


'Lee. said...

I can fully understand David, same for me with the ACW (Epics) and Napoleonics, I tried to get back into them both but it just did not work! The English Civil War is different though, it was my first period when I was 19 years old and I never lost interest. I keep going back to that wonderful battle described in the Airfix Guide to the ECW, that is just the thing I want to do again. Anyway, keep on enjoying your ship building and I'm sure you find a taker for your WoFun ECW's as they seem very popular.

David Crook said...

Hello there ‘Lee,

I really wanted to ‘get into’ the English Civil War but just could get ‘into it’. I gauge my enthusiasm level by the ‘wow’ factor when I read something or see it in a film, museum or similar. The ECW just came across to me as ‘meh’ - which I know will be heresy in certain quarters.

The funny thing is I have experienced a love hate relationship with the ACW over the years - currently it is in favour - but I have put that down to the rules I used many years ago which I really did not enjoy. There is no chance I will be parting with the ship models anytime soon as I want to enjoy using them and have several ideas to try out.

I am unsure about the land side of the ACW and may simply stick with a Command and Colours solution.

Aside from the WoFun I have a number of books and rule sets for the ECW so if there is anything you are interested in drop me a line!

All the best,


nundanket said...

Not interested in the ECW!!! Sounds to me like a case of witchcraft! LOL đŸ˜†

Seriously though, it’s a hobby so there’s no point in flogging a dead horse (more sorcery!) if it doesn’t bring you joy.

Without wishing to sound like a vulture, I would be interested in seeing a book list old fruit.

David Crook said...

Hello there nundanket,

I guess to clarify things I am interested in the ECW but not enough to game it in a meaningful way. I have other things that ‘float my boat’ rather more effectively!

Drop me your email address and I will oblige - the book at the top of the post is one of them!

All the best,