Wednesday 26 October 2011

Pausing for Breath....Part 2

I reread my post of yesterday and have realised that my 'to do' list is in fact a little more demanding that it first appeared. Glibly stating that I can cover everything from 1700 to 1945 using the block armies is perhaps a tad optimistic (although perfectly achievable with a little effort) and certainly does not reflect the work needed to scope a particular period for gaming purposes. I tend to look at games beyond the immediate table top battle and so an operational level will be my gaming norm so to speak - in effect a mini campaign - so as to provide some substance to the affair. As I touched upon recently my current thoughts are looking at using a plot map of 24 x 24 hexes which is 6 x 12 x 8 tables worth of terrain to fight over. In many ways the battle itself will be the easiest part of the undertaking as the drafting of maps, assigning forces and generating the objectives etc will require much thought and research; in short, the 'cerebral' part of the undertaking. Incidentally, this is also the technique I shall be employing for my various naval adventures although the ACW river campaign will see a very different shape to the map used.

Mention of the Naval War Game leads me nicely into the second part of the rules covering 1921 to 1945 and which will of course include aerial operations and submarine activity. I have a number of ideas around how best to assimilate this type of operation within the existing scope of the rules but this will be some way off being developed - simply because massed carrier battles do not feature largely in my long term naval game plan. The North Atlantic and the Med for sure but probably not the Pacific any time soon. I am confident that the core mechanics of the rules will happily stand being extended into the latter period - obviously with the odd technological tweak where needed.

My resolve around using the Airfix 1/1200th models is weakening by the day as cold, hard logic has been berating me for even considering using them - I certainly do not have the space for such things even in my new gaming facility! I think it will have to be 1/3000th when I eventually get around to it although I still like the idea of messing around with the kits in some fashion.

As far as painting figures is concerned well that is a whole new ballgame for me especially as my leanings are now firmly towards the larger scale of figures. Potentially this could be a major undertaking but it is a long term idea and so will not be rushed into without due consideration. I cannot emphasise enough the fact that it all hangs on the paint job. I realise this may not be such a big deal for most people but as the slowest painter in Christendom it behoves me to make sure I am completely happy with my decision concerning the method of execution.

The old chestnut of the Minifigs ships and how to use them is another consideration. The Med circa 1914 is perfectly feasible although they may well end up being used for a pair of 'imagi-nation' fleets.

The strangest thing with all of this list though is the fact that I am now very relaxed about the whole thing - it will all get done at some point and there is no great rush or urgency to do so; other than my own desire to do so. Having my own dedicated space in the house has given me not only the room to model and game but also to think and plan and not have to hurriedly pack everything away at the drop of the hat. It is curiously liberating….;-)


Mad Padre said...

I'm curious about your ACW river campaign, how it will work, what rules, etc. I'm contemplating doing the same thing as part of an ACW river/land campaign, a sort of mini-Vicksburg. Some thoughts on that on my blog at


David Crook said...

Hi Mad Padre,

That is exactly what I had in mind for my own set up! I shall be using Bob Cordery's Portable Wargame for the land side and an ironclad variant of Games Workshops Man O War fantasy naval game (actually it is a variant of the variant so to speak).

I have some work to do on the ships but everything else is good to go more or less.

I will drop by your blog to take a look and many thanks for dropping by!

All the best,