Tuesday 25 October 2011

Somewhere in the Black Sea, October 1915....Part the Third

I have adjusted the Naval War Game rules in the light of the recent play test and am planning the next action to be fought. My original intention was to use the Bulgarian torpedo boat attack on the Turkish cruiser Hamidye as the scenario (am I the only naval gamer that has a Balkan Wars Bulgarian fleet in 1/3000th?) but have decided against this simply because it was an unusual action and would require some scenario specific rulings which I did not want to use at this stage. Historically the action took place at night and a brief account  can be found here: Bulgarian_torpedo_boat_Drazki

The plan now is to revisit the Black Sea although to wind the clock back to early 1915 before the Russians gained their dreadnoughts. This will mean the Turks taking on the pre dreadnoughts which is a game I have used for testing previously and it always produces a challenging action. There will be a good variety of ship types on show and so the rules will benefit from the increased exposure.

I am hoping to run this at the weekend and should I do so the after action report will of course follow on the blog with pictures etc.

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