Wednesday 30 October 2019

The Naval War of 1812

A couple of titles from my library supporting the naval side of the war of 1812. There is plenty of material available - even Alfred Mahan and Theodore Roosevelt wrote on the subject - so I will not be short of inspiration or ideas for scenarios.

I always enjoy the research part of a project and this invariably means some additions to the library. I have a small list of other titles I want to get but it is fairly modest and is in keeping with my usual half a dozen or so target. I rather fancy adding something covering the warships on the Great Lakes and know of a couple of titles to look out for that covers this.

Given the scale of the naval actions during the war of 1812 it would seem to be an ideal candidate for the Warlord Games Black Seas treatment with its 1:700th scale models - they even produce a U.S.S. Constitution - and for sure this is an option I am considering. However, I am seriously looking at 1:2400th as the models would be easier to paint and would have the advantage of fitting on the sea map board that comes with Honour and Glory, the Worthington Games board game covering the war of 1812.

There is an ulterior motive with this particular idea as I am also keen to take a look at the operations against the Barbary corsairs that the US featured in. Tumbling Dice produce some suitable models for the Barbary forces and again, the these will be modest in size.

For now though, research is the key and so I will need to get some serious reading in before making any decisions.


Simon said...

I used to game The War of 1812 years ago. I still have all my figures and ships. I used and still have some rather excellent rules called a Rockets Red Glare. The rules contain scenarios for all the major actions, including the Great Lakes. My ships are all 1/2400 by Figurehead from memory. It’s a great scale to be honest. Black Seas or anything from a Warlord does not ‘flick my switch’ truth be told.

David Crook said...

Hi Simon,

I will keep an eye open for those rules and I know the Figurehead ships are rather nice. The only thing I would use from Black Seas would be the models as they are rather nice but I am thinking that 1:2400th would be a more practical option.

Not to mention the Barbary option....

All the best,


Charles Litka said...

Hi Dave -- If you haven't already discovered Mr Drachinifel's Youtube channel on naval ships and history, I would highly recommend it.
He has a very informative 48 minute long video of the ships and history of the 1812 naval war in the Great Lakes.

David Crook said...

Hi Charles,

Many thanks old chap! This is certainly something i would be keen to take a look at and I have the unalloyed pleasure of the house to myself for a couple of hours on Sunday!

All the best,