Monday, 30 January 2012

Action at Sea....Game Number 3, Part 2

The game was enormous fun to play albeit pretty quick. I was very pleased with the way the rules worked out and even more pleased with the fact that the inevitable revisions were fairly minimal. To be honest one change was fairly extensive but I was very pleased with the fact that change did not appear to upset the balance of the rules to any great degree.

The two biggest changes were that I have bowed to the inevitable and have increased the gun ranges by a hex. This does not sound much but using the larger models (the Minifigs ships) it looks better having them slightly further apart. I have taken this decision with one eye on including dreadnoughts at some point and I am looking at a maximum range of 8 hexes. With this in mind it means that Heavy guns now have a range of 6, medium 5 and light 4. I have added an additional gun category - quick-firers - to include anything smaller than a 3.4" and they have a maximum range of 3. The reason for this is because during the period under consideration many ships made use of untold numbers of 3, 6, 9 and 12 pounder weapons which should not really be included within the light guns category. I am sure that salvo firing 3 pdrs looked pretty effective but probably wasn't when used against anything with any form of protection. Light guns are now for weapons between 3.4" and 6" in calibre. The final touch with gunnery is that within each category there are now four increments of combat dice, reducing in effect in alphabetical order i.e. B is worse that A, C worse than B etc.

Movement is unchanged other than to turn a hex side now costs a movement point.

At the moment I have no lists of ships specifications completed although I will add some guidance notes for those that wish to customise their navies - as I will probably do for my own in due course.

In the meantime I will see about getting the rules on the blog for all to see - once I have grappled with a couple of formatting issues!

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