Thursday 5 January 2012

Fezian and Rusland Tank Support

I arrived home today to a box of four rather nice models recently acquired via Ebay. The models are a pair of 1/87th scale Russian T35 tanks and also a pair of T28 tanks - all of which have been earmarked for the 15mm Fezian and Rusland 1930s armies. I will post a proper review later but suffice it to say these models are little beauties! The box describes them as being made by Premo in Russia and Roco in Germany and further describes them as being from a range called 'Military Vehicles of the Red Army'.

At 1/87th they are a little on the large size for 15mm but I shan't let that bother me overmuch - the models are far too good to be hidden away because of the minor scale discrepancy!

The plan is to use these in conjunction with the Art of Tactic vehicles made by Zvezda - principally the T26 and the BT5.

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