Sunday, 1 January 2012

Rusland Battleships - The building continues but with an aerial twist

Supermarine Walrus carried aboard numerous RN ships during WW2 and exported to Rusland in small quantities

Hopefully in the spirit of starting as I mean to go on (which will probably last until February if previous years are anything to go by!) I spent some time today on the second Rusland battleship - the sister ship to the Krasnyi Dekabrya. I have managed to complete the hull and I will be able to finish the superstructure over the next few days. I need to get another Revell Duke of York for some of the bits and pieces which I should be able to do on Tuesday with a visit to Model Zone at Holborn.

The two hulls have been sealed with PVA prior to being painted and my plan is to paint all the ship's boats and the two float planes prior to fixing to the models. I have yet to decide on the colour scheme for the float planes and whilst it seems a little strange to be worried about such a small detail there is of course a very good   reason for this.

I fully intend tackling the aerial element of the 1935 Fezian - Rusland war in some fashion so I need to make sure that the aircraft camouflage is consistent. I am not overly familiar with 1930's aircraft other than how they evolved into the more usual WW2 types but I do have a very good reference on the aircraft of the Spanish Civil War which will be a good place to start.


Peter Douglas said...


Love the Walruses (Walrii? or is Walrus like Moose and fish and therefore both singular and plural?) . Is there a less appropriate name for a plane ever - ok a walrus s aquatic but certainly not streamlined, airborne nor elegant.

What models will you use - Airfix 1/72 or the 1:1200 from Cap Aero?


David Crook said...

Hi Peter,

For the aerial interaction with the ships I may well look to using Irregular Miniatures generic 2mm types on multiple bases but for air to air combat I am on slightly rocky ground. 1/72nd would be too large for this and I doubt very much if there is much available in, say, 1/144th.

I must confess though that the idea of larger aerial models id very appealing - I am just not sure how to realise it on the table top.

Much to ponder methinks (again!).

All the best,


Conrad Kinch said...

Nice work DC, though I would say that if I was to make a New Years resolution for you, it would be for you to play more games...

David Crook said...

Hi CK,

Many thanks old chap and funny you should say that....

I want to be able to play at least one game a month - either at the club or as a solo effort so I hope to be able to keep to that!

All the best,


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

It is crazy but I love the idea :)

David Crook said...

Hi Geordie,

Guilty as charged! The funny thing was that when I went to visit Model Zone they had in their sale, you've guessed it, a 1/72nd scale Walrus kit for £2.99 that I was very tempted by!

All the best,