Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Planning a Paint Conversion

A short photo shoot whilst soaking off their bases - British Lifeguards by Del Prado, the subject of my first paint conversion. The picture is of the figures as they were originally available

The fellows you see above were kindly donated to me by Bob Cordery to bring my contingent of British Lifeguards to 13. There are two officer types which are actually the same figure but with a different saddle cloth and horse colour. My plan is to not only repaint six figures into the Horseguards  (the Blues) but also to address the more obvious errors on the original figures. Once completed the plan is to have two six figure units - the Lifeguards and the Horseguards.

This is (in theory) quite a straightforward undertaking but it will be a good way to get my painting ‘eye’ back in before tackling some more involved work. This is also the reason I am currently working on something unrelated to the Del Prado collection but a useful exercise nonetheless as it will also help to get those figure painting muscles limbered up after what has been a very long time.

All will be revealed soon.

I hope....


Ant Master said...

Hi, hope your keeping safe. Was just wondering if it would be worth reposting these on the seems Facebook page. I still like Blogger but Facebook is very good for hobby groups.


David Crook said...

Hello old chap,

I will see what I can do!

Hope you and yours are all well.

All the best,