Sunday 22 March 2020

Planning a Napoleonic Adventure....Part 25

“Give me night, or give me Blucher!” The Prussian infantry and artillery contingent which add some regulars and jägers in due course.

Pushing ever onwards above is the latest batch of base painting for the Del Prado collection. These are the Prussians and by comparison with the British and French are relatively poorly served in respect of the range of figures available. There are foot artillery gunners and two types of Landwehr and that is it. In due course I shall add some regular infantry and jäger types but for now that is all there is. 

The bases have had their first coat of green and the top coat will be this evening. Once they have dried tomorrow I will be tackling the Belgians and Brunswickers. They have no artillery or cavalry (with the exception of the Belgian Carabiniers) which again is something I will look to address in due course.

Once again I am really pleased with my choice of basing and when the sabots I have ordered arrive I will have a better idea about how I will use them.

There will be a post showing the army in its entirety in due course, at least of the portion I have when that is ready.

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