Sunday, 5 January 2020

Back in the old routine (again)....

Lots to tell so I will crack on with it.

Tomorrow will see me taking delivery of my Deep Cut Studios hexed gaming mat. As mentioned previously this is 13 x 9 hexes and the hexes themselves are 4” across the flat sides. Using a 4” hex means that I can take advantage of the terrain pieces that are produced by Kallistra in support of their Hexon range. The mat is configured as per a ‘standard’ Command and Colours playing area and it is meadow green. I plan to get a similar sized mat (it measures 52” by 32.5”) for use in desert type games.

I am also taking delivery - tomorrow evening in fact - of the next part of the collection of Eric Knowles - the remaining painted 25mm 18th century units. All of the Hinton Hunt and Higgins figures have gone to their new home and are currently being restored to their former glory. What was left though was a substantial number of painted units comprising, for the most part, Minifigs and Hinchliffe figures. There is infantry, cavalry, loads of artillery (Eric’s liked a gun or six....) and mounted command figures, generals, aides and so forth. I shall be taking pictures of them and posting on the blog in due course.

The plan with this lot is to sell them and, in common with the rest of Eric’s collection, Bill is more concerned that they go to appreciative homes rather than dealers and so the prices will reflect this.

There is already some interest in certain elements of the collection and so assuming this goes to plan I will be delivering them in person to the interested party later this month.

Now that the Christmas decorations and tree are packed away in the loft I have at last been able to sort a few things out. First of which is the three large boxes of books that are heading out the door. I shall also be posting pictures of this lot on the blog so should anyone see anything they are interested in then please let me know. Again, the prices will be reasonable as I would prefer them to go to an appreciative home if possible.

I have also taken the decision to offload my collection of Memoir 44 material. Much as I enjoy the Command and Colours system I always felt that, despite being a good game, this was the weakest of the series. If I am honest I much prefer using Bob Cordery’s Memoir of Modern Battle (MOMBAT) variant or even his Portable Wargame rules. There are various other hex based options around and as I had always intended gaming WW2 using models would have replaced the Memoir 44 pieces anyway. The whole collection was taking up space and had been little used for some time. Most of the rules and scenarios are available online so I could tap into these if the need arose. I have had something of a rethink about WW2 recently and what type of table top game I want. There are a few ideas I am flirting with but it is not urgent just yet. I am going to take my time before making any decisions but for the present I am looking more towards the one to one level of gaming but probably not Chain of Command or Bolt Action.

Another task that was front and centre of my plans for early in he new year was to make a start on prepping the last of my 30mm ACW figures before they head off for painting. I have sufficient figures for my immediate needs - essentially I have replaced the contents of the board game Battle Cry with 30mm figures - but the extra figures will serve to round out the collection into its desired form.

So here we are, another January and another reorganisation but for me this feels rather different to previous versions. Only time will tell how true this is!


Steve J. said...

Looking forward to seeing images of your new mat, hopefully populated with terrain to see how it looks. Did you mention books? Lord have Mercy I hope I can resist as I still have so much stuff to read as it is!

As for 1-1 WWII gaming, I tried CoC which is good, but to my mind not too much fun to play. I bought Bolt Action and have yet to give it a go, but it immediately seemed a better 'game' to me. As this will mostly be played solo, I don't have to worry about the gamier aspects of the lists etc.

David Crook said...

Hi Steve J,

I will get some pictures of the new mat deployed next weekend as pictures in the man cave at night are not great due to all the light bouncing about and excessive shadows. I am really excited about it though and no mistake!

I hope to have some pictures of the great library clear out at the weekend - it will be a mixed bag for sure.

Your point about Bolt Action appearing to be a better ‘game’ than CoC is a good one although my experience of either is limited. What I want for a WW2 game is probably best described as being Commando comic book - yes, I really am that shallow! Anything larger than platoon actions I can easily use a boardgame for.

All the best,