Tuesday 15 December 2009

Flags for the Memory

I have placed a modest order with Irregular for a few additional figures and gunners and the process of preparation is underway. Thanks to the input from various folks a number of questions I have had have been tackled via the war games bush telegraph. My thanks then, to Messrs Fox, Hardman and Cordery for various inputs - it is much appreciated chaps.

The one issue that is a little thornier though concerns regimental flags. I have seen some pictures of Bulgarian flags - of a pattern a little earlier than the Balkan Wars - that look very similar to Prussian/Russian types but I have no clue as to whether or not this is a standard version or whether the colours are regimental specific. There is always the old standby of the national flag which I could use if need be. I did find a Bulgarian military website, in Bulgarian, which had some great photographs on it but frustratingly little detail as far as flags are concerned.

The Turks are a little easier in that all their flags appear to be red with a white crescent with a stand of arms or crossed cannon barrels in gold with a gold fringe.

I suspect that just using the national flags in each case will have to suffice in the absence of anything more concrete.


Anonymous said...

Here is a flag for the Macedonian-Edirne Volunteer corps:

David Crook said...

Wow! Many thanks - it is a great website as well!

All the best,