Sunday 20 November 2016

There and Back Again....

Hello again! After a shade over three months of 'radio silence' I am now back in the blog groove once again. Well, sort of anyhow....

If I am honest little has changed since August (my last blog entry) on the hobby front but time has proven to be a great healer. I am now much clearer in my mind as to what I want to do and so have been quietly stockpiling the necessary materials to realise my ideas. Of course translating these ideas into a physical reality is quite another thing but I have learned that it is pointless stressing over such things.

I have a couple of small scale ideas to mess around with and so the plan is to tackle one of these over the course of the Christmas holiday. For the record it is a naval project and given the size of the undertaking I am confident of completing this.

The large scale projects are slow burners for sure with the Crusades and a 19th century featuring. Both of these are 28mm and are using plastics for the figures. I am mulling over something 20th century related and have a few ideas in mind. No details as yet but you can be sure that whatever rocks up will be something a little different.

On a personal note the big news is that after a 36 year engagement Laurel and I are at last getting around to getting married next February on her birthday. This is proof positive than I can actually get around to making a decision about something - even if it does take me a while.

A bit like my projects really!